Rhys Phillips

airbusAirbus Group Engineer
Rhys is a research engineer at Airbus Group Innovations where he has worked since 2009. He is part of the Lightning & Electrostatics team. The team research new ways of protecting the next generation of aircraft against lightning strike damage as well as investigating the fundamental electrostatic environment during fuel tank filling scenarios. Rhys takes on project management responsibilities within the team, is responsible for Airbus Group Innovations’ Communications Plan, coordinates on site professional registration workshops for fellow engineers and co-chairs the group’s cross divisional working group on Electro-structural Composite technologies. Rhys also represents Airbus Group on the National Centre for Universities Future Leaders Network.


rhysinstudioRadio Presenter
Rhys cut his teeth in broadcasting on Xpress Radio in 2006 where he presented a weekly jazz programme for two years. In 2010, he launched Pythagoras’ Trousers, a weekly science & technology magazine show, on Radio Cardiff. He now also presents A Slice of Jazz on Radio Cardiff which is also syndicated on over 20 other stations in eight countries around the world, and heads up the stations’ news team. He presents the weekly World News on Sunday and can occasionally be found filling in for other presenters.


presentScience Communicator
Rhys is an active science communicator and STEM ambassador. He regularly gives talks and lectures on the subject of lightning and in recent months has done this not only around the UK, but also in France, Germany, Portugal, New Caledonia, Australia, New Zealand and the Caribbean. Rhys has received awards from STEMNet, the Institute of Physics and the Worshipful Livery Company of Wales for his science communication work. Rhys runs a touring science variety night, the Pythagorean Cabaret and is a co-founder of Cardiff Science Festival. Since 2013, Rhys has delivered workshops across France for the British Council’s Science in Schools programme. Download the information sheet about his show Thunderbolts & Lightning – are they really frightening? here.


ietIET Volunteer
Rhys has been a keen volunteer for the Institution of Engineering & Technology since joining in 2010. He currently chairs the Wales South East Young Professionals Section and sits on both the Electromagnetics Technical & Professional Network (TPN) Executive Team and the Young Professionals Communities Committee. In 2012, Rhys was awarded the Paul Fletcher Medal by the IET in recognition of his voluntary services. Rhys’ current focuses within the IET are developing the young professional communities in South Wales and strengthening links between young professionals and the TPNs.


Rhys has played trumpet since the age of 8. He currently runs his own jazz band, Imperfect Tenth and can occasionally be found playing with other orchestras and big bands in the South Wales area. Rhys also regularly calls ceilidhs with Uisge Contraband.


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