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Pythagoras’ Trousers is a radio show produced by Radio Workshop Cymru for Radio Cardiff and the Institution of Engineering & Technology. Each week, presenter Rhys Phillips takes a look at stories of interest from the worlds of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, bringing these fields to a wider audience and promoting these subject areas to school pupils.

The show is broadcast on Radio Cardiff every Monday evening from 9pm and repeated Friday at midnight. You can also download episodes or subscribe to the podcast here.

Latest Show
TX: 21/04/14 – Pythagorean Exploration: Culham Centre for Fusion EnergyListen Now!
In this special documentary about fusion energy, Rhys Phillips visits the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy in Oxford. As well as learning about how nuclear energy works, Rhys is shown the Joint European Torus (JET) and the Mega-Amp Spherical Tokamak (MAST). He also learns about the next generation research device under construction in France (ITER) and a prototype power plant which will generate electricity from fusion (DEMO). Featuring contributions from centre director Steve Cowley, scientist Eva Belohony and engineers Phil Leichauer, Joe Milne & David Hancock.

Next Show
28/04/14 – Zoe Randall with a science experiment to try at home and Chris North with the latest astronomy news

Forthcoming Highlights
05/05/14 – The Pythagoras Lecture 2015
26/05/14 – Engineer’s Question Time