Online Exclusive: EU Referendum Special

To mark National Women in Engineering Day 2016, Yasmin Ali talks to Chi Onwurah MP about the effect that a Brexit would have on women in engineering in the UK.

Honey, chest binding, spider venom and flooding

Rowena Jenkins talks about the anti-bacterial properties of honey, Beth Berry reports on a new study looking at the effects of chest binding on health, we meet bio-scientist Maggie Hardy and Roger Falconer talks about what the UK could do to improve its flood prevention techniques.

Consumer tech, glue and space science

Kris Sangani reports from CES 2016 in Las Vegas, Neil Monteiro explains how glue works, we meet evolutionary biologist Amanda Glaze and Rhys talks to astrophysicist and science journalist Sarah Cruddas.

Science Review of 2015

Rhys Phillips invites Neil Monteiro, Beth Berry, Matthew Tosh, Tom Crick, Huw James and Chris North to pick their favourite science news stories from the past twelve months.

2015 Festive Science Quiz

Rhys Phillips hosts the annual festive science quiz with guests Wendy Sadler and Matthew Tosh.

Nuclear bombs, cracking whips and Marty Jopson

70 years after the dropping of the first atomic bomb, Professor Gerry Thomas from Imperial College, London talks about the ‘N’ word – nuclear. Neil Monteiro explains why a whip cracks, we meet zoologist Tim Maynard and Marty Jopson talks about the challenges of doing science on The One Show.

Making the Invisible, Visible

In this special documentary, Rhys visits Cardiff University’s School of Physics & Astronomy to find out about a new generation of detectors being developed to help see things in the far infra-red part of the spectrum. With contributions from Chris North, Peter Hargave, Simon Doyle and Ken Wood.

Killer newts, home-made solar systems & solar eclipses

Stephen Brusatte tells Rhys about the discovery of fossils of a giant ‘killer’ newt, Huw James explains how you can investigate the formation of the solar system from the comfort of your own home, we meet engineer Michael Luo and Chris North talks to Mark Hannam about the importance of solar eclipses.

National Demo Day

Rhys is joined by Beth Berry, Jon Chase, Jon Holt & Neil Monteiro who share their favourite scientific demos for National Demo Day, part of British Science Week.

And if you missed any of our British Science Week debates that were broadcast throughout the week on Radio Cardiff, catch up below:
Climate Change
Human Population Growth
Disease, Infection & Control
Food Security
Antibiotic Resistance

Severn barrage, computer simulated fossils and dress colours

Roger Falconer explains the design of the Severn Barrage, Beth Berry reports on computer simulations of human fossils, we meet Adria Junyent-Ferre and Becca Smithers explains why people saw that dress in different colours…